We offer an elite cleaning service. Our commercial cleaning service including:

  • On-going commercial cleaning
  • Once-off commercial cleaning
  • HACCP commercial cleaning

All our commercial cleaning work is performed by skilled cleaning staff with onsite supervision and management. Our commercial cleaning service includes office and business cleaning which comprises routine cleaning of floors, tiles, ceilings, carpets, kitchen, bathrooms and all other cleaning your business may require. If it needs cleaning, we can assist you.

With our commercial cleaning service, we use our own cleaning equipment and provide materials such as liquid soup, cleaning detergents, paper towels and toilet paper.

Customized Commercial Cleaning Services

We realized that every business has different cleaning requirements. Some businesses may need commercial cleaning every hour of every day, while others will need a brief clean each morning. That is why we can fully customize a commercial cleaning package for your business. We can even clean after your business hours so as not to disturb your customers and employees during operating hours.

Our Cleaning Service provide commercial cleaning services across a wide range of industries and our knowledgeable staff have experience in cleaning various locations such as schools, offices, restaurants, universities, retail stores, gyms and hospitals. No matter your size of business premises we can provide a professional commercial cleaning service for you.